Föda – Eating for Two

a documentary by Mervi Junkkonen

photo by Mervi Junkkonen



The Film

A young woman who has suffered eating disorders half of her life suddenly gets pregnant. She faces the challenges of eating properly and staying healthy. An intimate story about balancing between motherhood and a difficult illness.


The Music

A film narrated by the main character, Eating for Two required a gentle touch. The music is used to reinforce a range of emotions at the same time, rather than a single, central emotion. It is also instrumetal in referencing the world outside of the main character, who's voice and presence dominates the film. I used electric guitar and a Moog for most of the sounds.


Documentary, 13 minutes, 2016

Director, cinematographer, editor:
Mervi Junkkonen
Sound design and music: Girilal Baars
Production: Little Red House Films
With the support of Film i Uppland and
AVEK (Finland)

More information at www.cinemervi.com